I only swing at mph so no need for a blur like swing speed. I surely think it was a brriant choice.. Thomas Beckett Oct 8, at 3: The Gravity Core is a weight with a heavy silver and a light red end that is inserted in to the sole of the club to lower or raise the Centre of Gravity CG , which in turn changes the spin on the ball. Yeah I like the retro head cover but I doubt its real leather like an Iliac. I never claimed my argument to be practical, just possible. Looks like Callaway is going the route of Tour Exotics esthetics.

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You think the points of view are boring, but you respond to them to start argument. Retail Partners Click For Price. Each of the drivers was hit with the same shaft and had nearly identical measured lofts.

Nobody big bertha double black diamond trying to discredited your source MHendon, only the limited and finite manner in which you are applying the information your source provides. A bit pricey but worth the excitement for now I hit it longer than my buddies. So at least maybe you will concede that my initial post that got this whole debate started is in fact valid.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond Driver Review – Golfalot

Thomas Beckett Oct 5, at Marc Dodd Nov 13, at 5: Some golfers need a driver with a low center of gravity, while others need a driver with a higher center of gravity.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The DBD has a total weight of about grams, while the Alpha has a total weight of about grams.

Rich Oct 3, big bertha double black diamond 7: I had a similar awakening blacck Golf.

The most important factors for ALL drivers are ballspeed and launch angle. Bob Oct 4, at 1: The TaylorMade was an inch longer in shaft length but I berthha getting as much or greater distance with the Callaway but with improved accuracy.

Big bertha double black diamond was a bit nervous about putting the DDB in the bag but wow!! I believe the shorter shaft is contributing to this by allowing more dead centre hits.

Insert the Gravity Core with its heavy side down closer to the sole and the driver will produce less spin.

First Hit: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha and Double Black Diamond Drivers – GolfWRX

The outliers — diamone one or two shots that were radically different from the eight or nine other shots — big bertha double black diamond then deleted to create these averages below.

They have a logical number sequence and a predictable release schedule. Boat Oct 3, at 8: Ping and Titleist deal with consumers in a planned, straightforward manner.

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Thomas Beckett Oct 4, at 5: Callaway turning into TM. The Aldila Rogue is one of the hottest shafts right now on tour for good reason. Hopefully that will help your argument and educating process for MHendon.

Wake up and stop wasting your money! Equipment 2 weeks ago.

First Hit: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 and Double Black Diamond Drivers

If you have ever snowboarded or downhill-skied, you know that Double Black Diamonds big bertha double black diamond for expert only. Bryan Oct 1, at 4: Before we go any further I suggest you read your source more carefully as it disproves every point you have made. It is a different look and setup than the drivers.

Thus the longer and straighter marketing bull some fall for. In other words, golfers should steer clear of the Double Black Diamond if their main goal is to improve performance on mishits.